Who you gonna call?  If you need a tow, our members agree to our Ethics Policies and Professionailism and taking part in helping and taking care of the General Public.  Don't settle for anything less.   In our world we say, "A good tow isn't cheap, and a cheap tow isn't good".   Our members care enough to pay annual dues to help our industry. 

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 The Idaho Towing Association is a Non-Profit Corporation that was formed to bring the industry together from Eastport to Pocatello, Boise to Island Park.

Developing a community that towing companies can utilize to bring about improvements and voice concerns to our State and Local Communities.

Enhancing Training, Safety and Awareness within the general public and to deliver value through partnerships, affiliates and sponsors offering member level benefit and discounts.

How does the Idaho Towing Association operate?  We are an Idaho Based Non Profit Association with a volunteer Board of Directors.  We operate under "Roberts Rules of Order" which can be seen here - www.rulesonline.com

Who/What is The Idaho Towing Association?

The Idaho Towing Association was established to promote safety, professional image, training and assist the towing industry by advocating with government agencies on a state and local basis.

It is our goal to unite members of the Towing Industry in an effort to provide support, assistance and improve the professional image of our industry as seen by the general public.

We are comprised of like minded Idaho Towing Professionals with a common interest in the Prosperity, Image and Well being of our Industry and our Businesses that operate within it.

  • ‚ÄčTo provide for a Non-Profit association driven to train and assist the development of professional and safety minded operators and companies within the state of Idaho.
  • To help serve the public interest and safety upon the roadways of our state.
  • To help ensure maximum performance and assistance to all government and Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • To promote stability to our members by offering group discounts, classes, training and consulting services.
  • To promote unity and professionalism among existing and future towing organizations, their employees and officers.
  • To promote and educate the policies and implementation of legislation as they relate to our industry and pave the development of our and future businesses within our industry.

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