jesse reeves - District 3 Director

My name is Jessca Reeves, and I am an Idaho native. My great grandparents started a towing company way back in the day before I could ever be imagined. That towing company was passed onto my grandfather and is still around today. Eventually my dad decided to start his own company in Boise, and I am thankfully he did. I was born into the towing industry, but I never understood how much I would grow to love it. Every day seems to be meet with new challenges, that we are able to overcome.  I always strive for safety, awareness, and greatness in the towing world. In fact, those were the main reasons I decided to join the association. I want everyone to be able to enjoy those things as well. I have a goal of making our voice heard. I want everyone to know that we will all stand together, to make the changes that need to be done. Together we can create a better and safer industry that none of us would have been able to foresee.

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