The Idaho Towing Association continuously strives to find partners and affiliates that offer discounts for their products or services to our members adding value to your annual membership.  If a member takes advantage of these things, your membership will more than pay for itself.


Regardless of membership or Director presence in your area, you have resources to help you. Your Association is always here via internet, text, email or phone to voice your concerns, issues, thoughts or goals. We have your back and will listen and do everything possible to bring about resolutions and changes to improve our industry.


The Idaho Towing Association is committed to legal and legislative advocacy to be certain that changes made affecting our industry are monitored and argued accordingly.  As a Trade Association, we have an attorney, our Directors have insurance to protect them, and we continue to develop relationships within our communities, Law Enforcement agencies and Government bodies. With our members support, we are able to be heard in a unified and effective manner.  Join us and help make a difference in our industry today and into the future.

Community & Training

We are committed to being a productive part of each and every local community within our state.  We strive for continued education regarding our industry, for our operators, and, for the general public.


Though we have no legal authority, our Ethics Committee will serve as an arbitration authority to attempt to facilitate a mutually beneficial resolve to industry conflicts whenever possible.

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